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Within our logistics services we distinguish three main activities:

  1. Transportation & Distribution
  2. Warehouse & Storage
  3. Customs & Forwarding

Transport & Distribution
Dutron has its own transport and distribution network. A fleet of up to seven big trucks with a capacity of 99 m³ and a smaller truck with a capacity of 40 m³. Three times a week these trucks drive back and forth between our location in Srem Poland and our distribution hub in Dieren, Netherlands. In Dieren, if necessary, the cargo will be redistributed for further transport to its final destination.

Such a transport capacity in combination with our logistic capabilities allows us to operate very fast and flexible. For a number of our customers we pick up their components for production at their location. Bring them to Poland for processing. And return the assembled product at the customers location. All this at very attractive rates! Our high frequency of transport provides that we can also carry out rush jobs on time and by agreement.

Warehouse & Storage
Dutron has a modern and spacious warehouse of over 2,000 square meters. In our warehouse, that is guarded 24/7,  your goods and components are stored and kept under excellent conditions, waiting for transport or subsequent processing.

Some of our services related to Warehouse and Storage:

  • Monitoring of incoming and outgoing goods, both in quantity and quality;
  • Administration, booking of incoming and outgoing goods
  • The entry and exit of goods in accordance with the FIFO system;
  • Stock keeping: Dutron actively manages your stock positions so that there is enough supply for production without piling up massive amounts of unused stock. Kanban ensures that materials are added to the JIT-based consumption;
  • Packaging / repackaging / palletizing / sealing / labelling, etc.;
  • Inventory management (including cycle inventory);

Customs & Forwarding
Dutron provides all required official documents which have been made mandatory within the European Union and the Schengen countries. Dutron also organizes a specific document for its customers containing numbers, weight and description of transported goods. Before we transport your goods this document will be sent to you informing you what products you can expect and when they will be delivered. 

Dutron thereby ensures that your goods are properly shipped and provided with the proper documentation. This will avoid unnecessary delays and provides clarity and insight, both for government institutions and also for your organization.



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